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  • Why should I hire you over the kid down the street? It’s just a dog walk, after all.

    When hiring a dog walker here are some things to consider:

    • Does the person you are hiring know how to avoid possible danger?
    • Do they understand your animal’s body language and respect the boundaries of other animals that are not interested in being friendly?
    • Does the person you are hiring know how to handle an emergency situation?
    • Do they know how to keep a calm and playful environment?
    • Is your new dog walker responsible about clean-up and letting you know when your animal may not be feeling well?
    • Will your dog get to play with other dogs in a harmonious pack? (Dogs are super-social!)
  • What is the difference between Pet Saver and other pet CPR and first-aid classes?

    • The only Pet CPR and First-Aid class used for training the Department of Homeland Security.*
    • Instructors have specific, pet focused training (not an adjunct to human CPR).
    • Comprehensive 8 hour classes and targeted 4 hour classes.
    • Hands-on learning with life-sized demonstration dogs.
    • Pet Professional Quality Classes.
    • Deeply committed to pets.
    • Qualified participants receive a 2 year certification in Pet CPR and First-Aid.

    *reference: Denver, CO PetSaver Instructor’s Training, Pet Tech founder, Thom Somes, 6/2011

  • What is R+?

    R+ or Positive Reinforcement training is based on current scientific understanding of how animals learn. Although positive reinforcement and punishment-based methods can result, when used properly, in desired changes in dog behavior, however, for ethical, liability, and safety reasons, we maintain a strong commitment to the use of only R+ methods in our work with dogs. These methods consist of positive reinforcement for desired behavior, and reward removal; ie, timeouts or the removal of access to toys or other desirable things—in response to undesired behavior as taught by the SF SPCA and Dog*Tec Dog Training Academy.We will not hit or spank your dog. At Pant SF we strive to correct and reward through the use of R+ techniques.

  • Why do you use Gentle Leaders and Easy Walk harnesses instead of Choke Chains and Prong Collars?

    When a dog has not yet learned proper on-leash walking manners we use various harnesses to help guide them, choosing those which cause the least amount of stress on both the walker and the dog. Choke Chains and Prong Collars can not only encourage pulling, because they are placed on one on the strongest points on a dogs body, but other dogs can get their teeth caught in the chains during play. This has caused serious and even fatal injury right here in San Francisco. Today, harnesses are thought to be the safest, gentlest and most effective tool to stop pulling on-leash.