Services & Rates

PANT SF takes pet care a step further. We look forward to providing you with reliable, responsible, and compassionate care.

Dog Walking

PantSF dog walking group in San Francisco & The HaguePANT SF walks are fun and adventurous. We romp on the beach or ramble down park trails for a minimum of one hour for packs of 3 or more. Dogs are usually off-leash. Some of our favorite dog-adventure spots in Vienna are on the Old Danube at Hundepark am Angelibad and up into the mountains for special events. All dogs we walk have up-to-date shots and are neutered or spayed. We encourage good manners through positive reinforcement and an understanding of dog etiquette. Our packs are stable social units that help dogs feel secure and loved. Dogs are picked up and returned home, calm and happy. 3 day minimum and initial assessment required.
Mon.-Fri.  €18 per walk  (5 day minimum) or €20 per walk (3 day minimum)

Private walks available for Reactive and Anxious dogs. Price varies.

Vacation and Drop-in Visits

PANT SF is happy to provide vacation care and drop-in visits, not only for dogs but for other pets. We feed, water, play, give oral meds, maintain litter boxes, take dogs on leashed walks in the neighborhood, and provide other useful services while you’re away, like taking in your mail and watering your garden.
We typically charge €22.50 for a half-hour drop-in visit. Longer visits are priced accordingly.

Pet Sitting In Your Home

PANT SF provides vacation pet sitting, when available, for dogs, cats and other furry pets. It’s everything a vacation visit has to offer plus we stay with your animals providing social interaction to keep them from being lonely. Pet Sitting is
Within Vienna, typical charges are €50 for the first pet, €4 per additional cat,€8.50 per additional dog, for each over night (generally, 6pm-9am). 

*Boarding, through our network of  Pet Professionals, all of whom are certified in PetTech CPR and First-aid is €60 per night per pet (add €7.50 per night for national holiday weekends).  (Please provide your pet’s: food, bedding and chew toy.) This rate is for drop off either by 9:15am or after 5pm on the day of boarding. Dogs picked up after 9:15am are charged an additional €10 for the day. Pick-up and Drop off fees vary depending on location.

Puppy Basics House Calls (up to 10 months old)

Puppy training servicesOur Puppy Basics is a wonderful adjunct for puppies already enrolled in a training program. We continue the training process in your home or on field trips, where we reinforce what puppies are learning in the classroom. Basic commands such as, “Come,” “Touch,” “Sit,” “Wait,” “Leave it,” will be reinforced. Lessons are structured for each individual puppy. Potty training, walks, stair mastery, scary appliance desensitization, etc., can all be part of our time together. €25 for 30 minutes, €55 for one hour.

Dog Day Training Services in Vienna

As a recruited intern at the renowned San Francisco SPCA, Paige’s skilled handling and knowledge of animal learning provide her with the tools to help you control your dog reliably. She uses reward-based, positive reinforcement training, scientifically proven effective, without the use of force. This approach provides solid, long term results while encouraging a respect filled and loving bond between you and your dog. Initial assessment €55  Multi-session discount packages are sometimes available.

Vet Tech Services

Sometimes pets need a little extra help after a trip to the vet. Our vet tech services include: prescribed injections and subcutaneous fluids services for €35 per visit. Other services may be available depending on your animal needs. Please call to find out how we can help. Or if you need to learn how to give sub-q fluids we will gladly provide patient and compassionate training. We’ve been there! best hondenuitlaat, expert hondenuitlaatservice, honden, hond, Wien, Vienna, ,kynologisch, honden oppas,, hond, honden, ex-pat, honden park, hondenuitlaat  off-leash service, Dog service, zero emissions, green, groene hondenuitlaatservice, eco, hond lopen, eco wandelen, ex-pat, English speaking,beste Hund Auslauf, Experte Hund Walking, Hund, Hund, Wien, Wien, Hunde, Hundesitter ,, Hund, ex-Pat, Hundepark , Hund Scheveningen zu Fuß, ohne Leine Service, Hund Service, null Emissionen, grün grün Hund zu Fuß, öko, Hund Walking, Wandern eco, Exklaps, Englisch zu sprechen,American, expat, expatriate , United States, expert,